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Your First Year with Diabetes, 2nd Edition
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  • SET: Magnetic Measuring Spoons and the Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook

    SET: Magnetic Measuring Spoons and the Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook

    Five magnetized stainless steel measuring spoons stick together to stay neat. Award-winner Robyn Webb brings you 133 amazing recipes for people with diabetes who want to enjoy classic comfort food.

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  • Steam Case with Tray

    Steam Case with Tray

    Introducing an easy and healthy way to prepare meals at home or at the office, using a microwave or oven. The steam case with tray provides steam cooking, which maintains nutrients and preserves aromas. 22oz steam case.

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  • Portion-Measuring Bowl Set

    Portion-Measuring Bowl Set

    One of the best methods for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is portion control. We make it easy with bowls that measure out all your portions and increase the convenience of the portion control process. Dishwasher safe

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  • Precise Portions® Go Healthy Travel Pack (4/Box)

    Precise Portions® Go Healthy Travel Pack (4/Box)

    Taking the guesswork out of portion control has never been easier. It can be a challenge to manage portion control wherever you are. Now, our best-selling, sectioned to-go plate with easy-sealing lid is offered in a 4-pack.

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  • Toss & Chop

    Toss & Chop

    The innovative Toss & Chop is a unique hand-operated cutting tool that makes it easy to chop ingredients directly in the bowl. Perfect for creating salads, salsas, chopped fruits and vegetables right in the serving bowl.

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  • Collapsible Salad Spinner

    Collapsible Salad Spinner

    Give the gift of more cupboard space! This high-quality pull-cord salad spinner collapses to less than 3" tall and can be used as a serving bowl. Basket doubles as a full-size colander, and lid disassembles for easy cleaning.

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